How to Choose the Dating Site That Meets Your Expectations

Dating is now not a hated word even in less developed countries. Online dating services take a prominent position in today’s fast phased lifestyle. The work load and other stress factors have a serious dent on the love relationship between the couples and the parents and children. For a lot of reasons many people are left lonely. Even married people feel the loneliness because of the friction with their life partner. The lonely singles are looking for a true soul mate to share their feelings and to find some meaning to their life. The online dating services make their search comfortable by offering thousands of singles profiles.

Matching the expectations of the online daters, the dating sites are also improving day by day. Now the famous dating sites have a vast geographical reach and offer features like live web-cam chatting. To attract more members they provide free basic membership and safe environment. Paid membership in almost all the dating sites are nominal and it is worth paid to avail more attractive features and considering the fact that you are going to search your perfect soul mate.

How to choose the best dating site

Choosing a dating site depends on your family environment, place of living and your expectations and needs.There are some top most online dating services. So it is better to join the free membership of 2 or 3 internet dating sites and over the period figure out the suitable dating website that matches your expectation. It is advisable to become a paid member of the chosen dating site as you can’t get to your perfect match in a half-hearted approach. The search for a perfect match varies from person to person, each expecting some particular qualities from the would be soul mate.

The online search for dating is mostly for singles, who cares to share the intimate feelings, love and friendship. A good volume of search is for more romantic love and the search targets beautiful girls, iron men and hot women. The emotional persons are looking for a caring soul mate to pursue their marriage proposal. The dating site you choose, should serve your purpose giving you peace of mind apart from friendship, love and romance.

Ethnic Dating

The globalization has created a multi-lingual and multi-racial population in each and every country around the world. Different ethnic groups practicing different cultures form a considerable percentage of the total population in almost all of the developed countries around the world. Just searching for a soul mate in your migrated country won’t serve your purpose and ultimately the relationship may end in strain because of your poor understanding of the native culture.

Getting a dating mate from your own ethnic group will give you a long lasting and peaceful relationship. As each ethnic group forms a sizable percentage, searching for your perfect match from within the community is not a difficult task. To serve the expectations of the migrated population many online dating sites have established ethnic oriented dating sites. Getting a dating mate within your group will help you to socialize yourself in the new environment, before getting accustomed to the new culture. It avoids unnecessary friction and misunderstanding in your dating relationship. Being in an alien country all of a sudden, you would feel the isolation and it would take some years before integrating with the local population. For all that years you can’t be alone and the ethnic dating sites will solve your problem of finding your soul mate from among your own culture. There are dating sites for Asians, Black Americans, Germans, French, Chinese, Indians and so on.

Religious Dating

Religion also plays an important role in breaking relationship. People during their dating relationship won’t think too much about the practical life. If the dating relationship is just for fun and romance it’s ok, but if it is for serious love, then the dating partners should have a matured mind to end up in a peaceful married life.

Many online daters who have their dating relationship with someone from a different religion are haunted by the disapproval of their family members. Though you have every right to choose your life partner, the disapproval of someone you love will have its own problems. If you are of an emotional type and do not want to risk your relationship at home, then religious dating is advisable. The online religious dating sites host thousands and thousands of singles profiles from each religion. If you are not bold enough to face the challenges, you better opt for the religious dating, as it will give you the peace of mind you need.

On the positive side, it will be highly rewarding to have your soul mate from the same belief and culture. You can avoid being left in an isolated world of you two only, rejected by both the communities of yourself and your life partner. You both can mingle with the local community freely, if both of you belongs to the same spiritual belief. There are dating sites for Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus.

Exclusive Dating

The bold, not so serious and fun loving people are looking for different sources to find out their dating partner. They are bored by the traditional dating site and they are not willing to bind themselves into a frame of rules. They need friendship, love and romance and not serious enough to attach any long lasting value to the dating relationship. But they expect some qualities before making a relationship. To serve their appetite, there are exclusive dating sites like adult dating, BDSM, gay and lesbian dating. Those who are conservative can safely keep away from exclusive adult dating sites.

Not all exclusive dating sites are adult oriented. There are some exclusive dating sites to serve some specific purposes. The millionaire mate dating site is a best example of this kind. Those who harbor a desire to marry a millionaire guy or those who want to marry a millionaire lady can avail the service of such dating site. Some other dating sites in this category are Senior Friend Finder and Slim Dating site to interact with fitness savvy people.

Author Information : As there are exclusive dating sites for ethnic and religious dating, it doesn’t mean that having a dating relationship with someone from a different belief is not advisable. It depends on you to practice your belief and keep your values, no matter to which belief your dating partner belongs to. It depends on how you develop your relationship with your dating mate. If you are not so adventurous, playing safe with religious and ethnic dating sites is better. But dating with someone from other religion and culture has its own adventure.

Millionaire Mate Dating.

How to Gesture And Double Your Communicating Skills

Adults are learners too, so how do we get our point across (comprehension) without sounding like a dominating school teacher?

If you visit your doctor and he says your x-rays are Benign, you are a lot happier than if he says the results are Malignant, right?

Benign means Healthful, Good, Favorable or Friendly. Malignant, on the other hand, means Bad, Harmful, Diseased or Lethal. But you know that.

What if your doctor says the results are Benign, and air-writes with his index finger the capital letter B plus the number Nine (B + 9), and smiles?

Speech plus gestures places the experience in long-term memory and improves communication up to 3x. Whether you want to influence, persuade or convince a kid or adult, using gestures together with words (verbal representation) almost triples their learning function.


Our ancient ancestors about 200,000 years ago broke away from chimps and apes by cooperating on the hunt and bringing home the bacon. They used their fingers, hands and facial expressions to become organized predators that could take down a Hairy Mammoth.

Imagine one small Homo sapiens attacking an animal the size of our present-day elephant in Siberia, North America or Northern Europe. Our solo ancestor was not coming back from the hunt.

Put a band of us with spears and communicating (before speech) with hand signals like pointing and waving, and we bring back meat for the entire tribe for a month. Later we used whistles, grunts and yells to surround the prey and snuff them.

Still later, combining speech and gestures prevailed and we became King of the Savannah

Rude Not To Point

Whatever makes folks understand better and encode new knowledge for long-term memory, makes you a smarter communicator in your career and personal relationships.

Our brains learn best from mental pictures. If you want comprehension of a new idea or plan, you require an image or mental movie. If you read or hear the word Cow, you brain produces a picture of one.

If the concept or word is new to you, (say – rejuvenate) your PFC (Prefrontal Cortex) must imagine a new image to link the idea to a picture or you do not understand or remember the concept.

If you hear Rejuvenate it may mean nothing, but if you link a picture of a youngster to the verb, you got it locked because it means to be young.

When you are referring to a person, location on a map or an object and use words alone, you are under-performing. Use your index finder and point to the spot and say aloud – There! Now you have made an emphatic statement.

Dr. Spencer Kelly, Colgate University has published in Psychological Science, 2010, 01.05 an article called Speech And Gesture Mutually Interact to Enhance Comprehension.


Good speakers who want promotions in their career will consciously use hand gestures. It may be ludicrous, but pointing to your throat and making a gagging gesture conveys your opinion of your competitor better than verbalizing along the phrase, “They do bad work.”

Which will be remembered 12 months from now – the words alone or the gagging gesture plus the single word “ugly!”?

Chopping and washing are easy hand gestures. How about calling someone a Nose-Picker and pointing to your own nose. One that we use in speed reading is tracing in the air with your index finger – underlining the words of a sentence on an imaginary page. The tracing is equal to the real experience of practicing.

Very serious stuff: it involves Memory Neurons and Motor Neurons for improved learning and memory. Using your imagination is equal to practice, repetition and self-assessment. It produces mastery of a subject.

Congruent Means Agreement

When the spoken words and the gesture MATCH each other, comprehension is doubled for both students and adults. Your brain becomes integrated (unite, combine, merge), in Alignment (like a car) and Synchronized (in-sync). You are smarter because you are a great communicator.

Who Cares

Teachers, students, political speakers, TV advertisers, and executives who want to motivate, influence and persuade, right? What about your career? One-word answer – promotions.

Remember the old commercial for the Yellow Pages – “let your fingers do the walking?” Here we learn to let your HANDS do the talking.


The University of Chicago and lead author Susan Goldin-Meadow produced research published 3.06.09 in the journal Psychological Science. The title is Gesturing Gives Children New Ideas About Mathematics.

Kids were separated into three groups: first: taught the words, “I want to make one side (of the equation) equal to the other.” Second group: the same aforementioned words plus hand gesture of a V-shape with their fingers, point at the answer space (blank). The third group were taught the words, but focusing attention on the wrong set of numbers.

It really is not complicated and the results were powerful. Use the correct gestures and link it with the right words and you win all the marbles by almost 3x. The gestures permitted the kids to extract correct knowledge from what they were taught.

Learning is summarizing (abstracting) the key information from what you hear or read. It was their own hand gestures that produced positive results, not the brilliance of the teacher. Coda: gesturing influences and expands learning and memory.

We have recommended the use of gestures to executives in Fortune 100 companies. They now suggest it to all their people as a positive strategy.


If you could read and remember three (3) books, articles and reports in the time your peers can hardly finish one, would that be a competitive advantage to obtain promotions in your career? Could your knowledge skills use a boost to make you an expert instead of just an average learner?

Ask for our free report on speed reading strategies to improve your personal productivity. Only do this if you are going to use your brain for the next ten-years. Move on it now, or forgetaboutit.

See ya,

copyright © 2010 H. Bernard Wechsler
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Internet Pornography Addictions and the Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook Child Custody Case

By now everyone has heard about the scandalous details in the Peter Cook, Christie Brinkley divorce and child custody case. But if you haven’t seen the news coverage the short version goes like this. Peter Cook, Christie Brinkly’s husband, reportedly had an Internet porn addiction and was reportedly spending up to $3000 a month on Internet porn sites and fetish dating sites called Adult Friend Finder. Mr Cook has admitted to masturbating while in an Internet video camera while another member of this online dating web site watched.

Ms Brinkley was able to obtain the billing records for these Internet dating services and admit them as evidence into her custody case. The judge was able to consider this evidence and ultimately awarded sole custody of the couples two children to Ms Brinlkey.

Being awarded sole custody in a child custody case is considered a huge victory. Especially in cases where there is no evidence of criminal activity, physical or sexual abuse or substance abuse such and drug or alcohol addictions. It would appear that other than an admission by Mr Cook that he had an affair with a very young employee, the only mark used against him was his Internet Porn addiction.

Not everyone involved in custody battles will get the same day in court as Ms Brinkley. The average person simply does not have the money and notoriety to get a fair trial in court. Most people involved in a Family Court custody hearing will get a brief review of their case and a rushed order from a judge filled with errors and inequity. Most people would agree that the Family Court system is flawed and in the end it’s always the children that suffer.

There are cost effective resources that the average person can utilize when involved in a child custody case and they suspect their spouse may have an Internet porn addiction. There are online investigation services that can take the suspected parents email address’s and search all the online dating services until they locate the personal ad memberships of the other parent. These investigations will also uncover social networking sites like Myspace and Friendster and will include some porn sites also. As we see in the Brinkley vs Cook case, evidence of a porn addiction or participation in sites with a sexual fetish like Adult Friend Finder can influence the outcome of a custody case.

An online dating service investigation can uncover some very extreme sexual fetishes such as bondage, auto asphyxiation and self mutilation. Profiles on these sites may also include admissions or references to drug use, addictions,and possibly even crimes. Recently one search of online dating services produced a picture on MySpace the defendants 5 year old girl posing with a hand gun.

Obviously the parent that was supervising the child and took the picture and posted it on their secret MySpace page was in for a huge surprise at his custody hearing.

If you are involved in a custody battle and you suspect that your ex has an Internet porn addiction and may be involved in a secret life of extreme sexual fetish dating sites you can order an online infidelity investigation by searching Google. There are some very reliable services that offer such an investigation. You can begin your search for an investigator by Googling “online Infidelity Investigation” . But before hiring a PI make sure they are considered an expert in this field. Do your homework by Googling the name of the investigator and the name of they company. Make sure they are considered an expert in this field.

Whether you have already become involved in a custody trial or are just contemplating divorce and suspect your spouse may have an Internet porn addiction an online infidelity investigation will surely be needed to protect yourself and your children’s future.